Pets – Bohicket Marina Village

From: Chris Mathewes <>
Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 10:46 AM
Subject: Pets – Bohicket Marina Village

Dear Owner/Resident, Please see the message below from your Board of Directors at Bohicket Marina Village regarding pets:


As a reminder to all owners, renters and visitors with dogs, our policies clearly state:

  1. All pets should be leashed while on regime property.
  2. Outdoor pens or runs are not permitted.
  3. Owners are encouraged to curb their pets on the area between the road and the marsh.
  4. ALL WASTE MATTER IS TO BE DISPOSED OF PROPERLY.  Bags for this purpose are provided by the regime and are located on the marsh side road and marina side boardwalk.  After waste is bagged, it should be placed in the trash.  Owners are responsible for guests’ actions in this regard.

As stated in the master deed, “Any violations of the pet rules stated herein shall result in an apartment owner receiving a written warning with a second offense resulting in a $25.00 fine for each occurrence.”

Chris Mathewes
First Palmetto, Inc. Management Services

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