Pet Policies

1.  All pets should be leashed while on regime property.

2.  Outdoor pens or runs are not permitted.

3.  Owners are encouraged to curb their pets on the area between the road and the marsh.

4.  ALL WASTE MATTER IS TO BE DISPOSED OF PROPERLY.  Bags for this purpose are provided by the regime and are located on the marsh side road and marina side boardwalk.  After waste is bagged, it should be placed in the trash.  Owners are responsible for guests’ actions in this regard.

The Master Deed  reads as follows:

Article XI, Section 11.02 Prohibited Activities  Any and all Dogs of any type on the common areas must be on a leash.  A Dog owner must accompany his or her pet at all times.  No pets shall be in or around the pool area.  All dogs are to be curbed on the grassy area between the road and the marsh.  All pet owners must be responsible for their pet(s) actions and must clean up behind their pet.  Pet owners shall not allow their pets to become a nuisance (for example: excessive barking by dogs).  Any violations of the pet rules stated herein shall result in an apartment owner receiving a written warning with a second offense resulting in a $25.00 fine for each occurrence.  All apartment owners are responsible for their tenants/guests actions.  Article XI, Section 11.02 is hereby ratified and confirmed in all other respects except as specifically amended herein.


Besides being a nuisance, uncollected dog waste is a serious problem for our association.  Next time you’re tempted to leave your dog’s droppings on the lawn, please consider the following:

·      The EPA is becoming aggressive about enforcing the Clean Water Act.  Our association could be fined if dog waste goes uncollected.

·      Uncollected dog waste may lead to a special assessment.  If fined by the EPA, the association could face a special assessment that would be levied against all members—not just dog owners.

·      The appearance and quality of the common areas are known to affect home sales—not just whether and how much they sell for, but how quickly.

·      The more residents complain about dog waste, the more time the property manager and board members must spend on enforcement rather than serving the association.

·      Uncollected dog waste spreads disease and attracts vermin who feed on the waste.

Source: SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Ocean and Coastal Resource Management