Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I obtain a gate code for my visitors?

A gate code can be obtained from our Property Management Company, First Palmetto.  Also, First Palmetto can help you establish a link with your home phone or cell phone whereby a visitor presses your unit number at the gate. You then press “9” on your designated landline or cell phone to open the gate and allow the visitor to enter the property.

How do I recycle?

Items to be recycled should be taken to the bins located at the maintenance area on Seabrook. Recycling on Seabrook Island is single stream – no need to separate glass/plastic/metal from paper products. All recyclable items can be placed in a single container.

When is trash picked up?

Trash that is placed inside trash cans in the trash rooms will be picked up each Tuesday and Friday; however, the schedule may be altered on holidays.

How can I access the community pool?

The pool entry system requires the use of a fob to open the gate.  The fobs are available for purchase through our property management company, First Palmetto.  Tenants must contact their property owner or rental agency to obtain their fobs. This system should reduce unauthorized use of the pool, thus improving our safety and security while addressing liability issues.  Should you have problems with your fob, contact Barbara at First Palmetto, and she may be able to remotely re-program your fob. Instructions for Use: When you place the fob next to the sensor, you should hear a beep which indicates that you can open the gate.  There is a green “Exit” button located at the corner of the pool house, or you may use your fob to exit.  Should your fob not work for some reason, contact Barbara at First Palmetto (843.722.0455).  The fobs can be activated or re-activated remotely.

How can I access the beaches on Seabrook?

Property owners can obtain access stickers for their cars at the Property Owners Association (POA) office located on Landfall Way just before the gate on Seabrook.  This will allow access to the beaches and all other areas on Seabrook.  Guests may obtain passes from the gatehouse or from their rental companies.  Club membership is required for entrance to the Island House, Beach Club, Tennis Complex and Golf Courses.

Where can I access wi-fi?

Free public wi-fi is available at the Lakehouse and at various locations at Freshfields Village including: JavaJava, Harris Teeter The Station and King Street Grille.  Xfinity hotspots can also be found in various locations in the area.  

What do I need to do in order to use the facilities at the Lakehouse? 

All property owners and their guests have access to the fitness center, pools, library, ping pong, bridge, photography classes, etc.  Access to the fitness area and pools requires an amenity card that can be obtained at the office adjacent to Seabrook Island Realty located near the gatehouse.

Where are the nearest medical facilities?

A medical office affiliated with Roper Hospital is located at Freshfields Village.  It offers walk-in physician care along with X-rays, bloodwork, and other diagnostic procedures.

Where is the nearest library located?

The nearest public library is located on Maybank Highway near the intersection with Main Road.  The Lakehouse has a well-stocked library with a large selection of books available on a “leave one, take one” basis.  Indigo Books bookstore is located at Freshfields Village adjacent to JavaJava.