Pool Rules

Bohicket Marina Village has a wonderful pool to cool off on those hot summer days. Complete with Bathrooms/Changing area water fountains and a covered cabana to stay out of the hot sun. Please understand that it is “swim at your own risk” and for the safety of all residents and their guests please observe the pool rules. Often the pool area is the location of many afternoon get-togethers of our residents. These get-togethers will be posted on our Community Events Pages and all residents and their guests are welcome!

Pool Entry System
The pool entry system requires the use of a fob to open the gate.  The fobs are available for purchase through our property management company, First Palmetto.  Tenants must contact their property owner or rental agency to obtain their fobs. This system should reduce unauthorized use of the pool, thus improving our safety and security while addressing liability issues.  Should you have problems with your fob, contact Barbara at First Palmetto, and she may be able to remotely re-program your fob.

Instructions for Use: When you place the fob next to the sensor, you should hear a beep which indicates that you can open the gate.  There is a green “Exit” button located at the corner of the pool house, or you may use your fob to exit.  Should your fob not work for some reason, contact Barbara at First Palmetto (843.722.0455).  The fobs can be activated or re-activated remotely.


Pool Hours 6am to 11pm

1. No solo swimming.

2. No running in pool area.

3. No boisterous or rough play in the pool area.

4. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool.

5. No spitting or blowing nose in the pool.

6. No persons with any communicable disease allowed in the pool.

7. No persons with skin, eye, ear or nasal infections allowed in the pool.

8. No animals or pets allowed inside the gates of the pool area.

9. No glass allowed in the pool area.

10. Shower should be taken before entering the pool.

11. No grilling or preparing of food in the pool area.

12. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by the owner of the condominium in which they are staying, or in the case of rentals, by the primary tenant (signer of the lease). No baby-sitters or chaperones.

13. No small children who are not potty-trained allowed in the pool.

14. The pool is not to be used for commercial activities. All group activities require prior approval through the management.

15. No smoking allowed.