BMV Handbook

BMV Community Handbook for Owners & Guests

The following handbook includes a list of “House Rules” and other useful information compiled by a committee of residents. In some instances, you may find duplication within the current bylaws. Some “rules” are new and should be accommodated. Others, such as “Flag Etiquette” and “Temperature Control,” are intended to be directive in nature.

We hope you will find the information included within to be useful and informative. We are all neighbors and we request that the following rules will be viewed in a positive light so that we all may continue to enjoy our community and respect the rights of each resident.


Leaning over or the deliberate application of excess force against a balcony, throwing any item off a balcony, jumping off or climbing onto a neighboring balcony, or accessing a balcony from the ground is prohibited.

The placing on or over balconies and railings, or hanging from windows of towels, bathing suits, clothing, laundry, rugs, mops, or any textile is strictly prohibited.

It is the responsibility of all unit owners to remove, or arrange to have removed, all items from decks, landings, stairways and balconies which may cause injury to others, and/or cause property damage, in the event of a local or national weather emergency.


Bohicket Marina Village boaters (non – owners) shall not park within this gated community unless they are a bona fide overnight guest of a unit owner.


Carports marked “BMV OWNERS” shall be temporarily available for any unit owners or lessees.

In no event should any material, other than firewood neatly stored in metal frames, be stored in individually designated carports. No storage of any kind is allowed in carports designated “BMV OWNERS.”


The use of charcoal grills, hibachis, wood burning heating/cooking devices, including, but not limited to fire pits, shall not be allowed for use on either the common nor limited elements of the regime.


There shall be no discharging of firearms within this gated community.


The use of open flame devices is not permitted on the property. The disposal of smoldering ashes from any source is not permitted.


Fireplaces shall be used only as they were originally intended, that is, to burn non-resinous woods such as oak, poplar, beech, and the like. Resin containing woods such as pine are expressly prohibited, along with chemically augmented wood products containing accelerants. These materials will collect in the chimney, potentially causing chimney and roof fires.


  1. Call 911.
  2. Locate and instruct everyone in your unit to leave.
  3. Alert others in the building.
  4. Discharge the extinguisher at the base of the flames. The chimney draft will carry the extinguisher up the flue and snuff out the flames.
  5. Do not use water on a confined hot fire. The rapid temperature drop may cause an explosion.


Firewood shall be kept in an aesthetically pleasing wire or steel rack in approved locations specified by the Board. Firewood is not only a fuel, it is also home to termites, which are unwelcome boarders at Bohicket. Firewood must not be stored on decks, balconies, or stairwells; in the event that the Board perceives the improper storage of firewood, they will notify the owner to immediately take corrective action. Failure to comply shall result in its removal at owner’s expense.


The use of fireworks in any form is prohibited within this gated community.


Displaying of the American flag shall correspond to flag etiquette. Flags on a diagonal pole shall have the field of blue at the top of the pole. When displaying the flag vertically, the field of blue is to the top right of the flag. Note that when one views a vertically displayed flag, the field of blue appears to the left. Overnight display of the flag requires illumination. No flags or poles shall be placed on common areas. Bunting is permissible on a limited basis, according to the holiday. Discretion is advised when displaying other flags to avoid offense.


Unit owners shall be assessed for repairs or damage to the entrance gate if such damage is the result of themselves, their guests, tenants or family members causing same.


Garage, estate, or any other type sales are not permitted inside this gated community.


All unit owners are responsible for working out complaints or problems with each other before filing a grievance with the Board of Directors.

Any unit owner may file a grievance when a rule is being ignored/violated by another owner/tenant. A letter must be submitted with time, date, location, unit number involved, and an explanation of the violation, the rule being violated, and the signature of the owner.

A proposed form for violation complaint/witness statement is found in Attachment 3.

After reviewing said complaint, the Board will take appropriate action, if warranted, and will write a letter of warning to the party in question.


With the exception of reasonable quantities of household products, no hazardous materials may be used or stored in any unit. This includes, but is not limited to, flammable liquids, explosives, corrosive, biohazardous, poisonous, noxious, or radioactive materials.


The use or storage of illegal drugs is prohibited within this gated community.


It is the responsibility of unit owners to maintain appliances, i.e., air conditioners and their condensate drain lines, washers (particularly water lines), dryers, stoves, and all equipment in proper working order. Particular attention must be paid to water heaters. Any leaks due to failure will cause very extensive and costly damage, not only to the unit owner’s property, but potentially to adjacent properties as well. Any water leaks from faucets or toilets must be promptly addressed.


Since all units in a single building are interconnected, adding heavy loads to floors and walls or interfering with load-bearing walls, can result in significant damage. Any plans for modification of a unit must have the Architectural Review Board’s (ARB) approval prior to obtaining the proper permits from the Town of Seabrook Island and Charleston County.


No unit owner or lessee shall interfere with the landscaping crew while they are at work under conditions of a contract or under the direction of the Board. Patio garden landscaping alterations by a unit owner or lessee are prohibited without first obtaining prior consent of the Board.


Unit owners and lessees are responsible for obeying all codes, laws and ordinances pertaining to their unit or the use of common elements. The association assumes no responsibility for the actions of individual owners or lessees.


Motorcycles are prohibited within the gates of Bohicket Marina Village as well as within the gates of Seabrook Island.


It is suggested that, in order to promote the comfortable use and enjoyment of condominium owners, and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all residents, the number of occupants in any one condominium unit is recommended to be limited to not more than three (3) adults per bedroom. No minors under 21 years of age are permitted to occupy any unit unless directly supervised by a parent, guardian, or unit owner. (Children under the age of 2 years are not considered minors.) No unit shall be used for any purpose other than as a residence or dwelling.


At no time shall any vehicle be parked so as to impede the normal flow of traffic and/or prevent the passage of emergency vehicles. Violators are subject to fine and/or removal of vehicle at the Board’s discretion, and at vehicle owner’s expense.

No vehicle shall remain within this gated community without current registration, tags, and plates. Any vehicle whose owner cannot be identified and/or located shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle and removed.

No vehicle of a size larger than a panel truck, and no mobile home, travel trailer, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat, boat trailer or the like shall be allowed to park within this gated community without the written consent of the Board. This excludes vehicles temporarily parked for the sole purpose of maintaining the common element or servicing the units of property owners.

Common element parking spaces shall be available on a first-come, first served basis, with the exception of carport parking specifically assigned to unit owners. This rule shall not be abused. Improperly parked cars will be towed.

No unit owner or tenant shall park more than three (3) vehicles on the common element without prior permission of the Board.


Consideration should be given to those who experience difficulty with mobility, allowing them access to parking spaces as near their units as possible.


Dogs must be leashed at all times, as no pet is permitted to run loose on regime property. Outdoor pens or runs are not permitted.

All pets are to be curbed on the grassy area between the road and marsh. All waste matter is to be disposed of properly. Bags for this purpose are provided by the regime and are located along the marsh side road and marina side boardwalk. Owners are responsible for guests’ actions in this regard.


Owners and guests are obliged to adhere to all posted rules and regulations. Failure to comply could result in pool closure by the State Department of Health and Environmental Control. Loud and offensive behavior in the pool area will not be tolerated. Pool occupants who fail to respond to warnings will be reported to the county sheriff.


The use of washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, vacuums and/or whirlpool pumps and outside porch TVs is prohibited between the hours of 11:00pm and 8:00am.

No unit owner , family member, guest, and/or tenant shall throw or allow to fall, nor permit to be thrown or to fall, any material or substance whatsoever out of or from any window, door, deck, landing, balcony or stairway and any part of the areas of the common elements.

Unit owners shall be responsible for the proper conduct of any family member, guest, tenant and/or service personnel, and any damage to the common element caused by same.

No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of condominium property.

All valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction shall be observed.


Short term rentals are discouraged. Owners will be responsible for the conduct of their guests and will be contacted in the event of improper conduct of their guests.


The placement of satellite dishes must first be approved by the Board. In no case can cables from the same enter a unit through an exterior wall.


Torn and dirty screens are unsightly. They are the responsibility of the unit owner to maintain. If left in disrepair, screens will be repaired by regime management at the owner’s expense.


Seasonal decorations may be displayed; however, good taste and common sense should be exercised. Said decorations must be removed at the end of the holiday.


Signs, notices, and advertisements shall not be displayed outside or within a unit so as to be visible from the outside.


There should be no solicitation by any person or group within this gated community. This includes, but is not limited to, commercial flyer distribution, charity fundraising, or any cause whatsoever unless specifically authorized in advance by the Board.


The speed limit of 15 miles per hour shall be strictly enforced.


Steps and stairs are all classified as fire exits. Thus, all stairways shall be free from objects that may interfere with any means of ingress or egress that might cause bodily harm. The exception to this rule must be presented to the Board by the unit owner in the form of a written, signed and notarized waiver assuming all liability for personal injury and/or property damage incurred by the unit owner, family member, guest or tenant.


There shall be no disposal of any substance whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, into storm drains, along the roadside, or any common areas within the gated community.


No owner, his agent or assigns shall make or cause to make any modification to the interior exterior of any unit. Any modification must be approved by the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and the Board of Directors with justification for such changes. Change to the exterior of buildings by any means is a violation of the regime’s master deed and bylaws. Refer to separate guidelines and instructions.


It is suggested that unit owners or lessees maintain the temperature within their units at not less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months or more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months.


All household trash shall be placed in secured heavy duty plastic bags and deposited in containers provided by the association located under stairways and other strategic locations throughout the property. In no event shall this rule be abused by depositing any item whatsoever other than normal household trash at these locations. Cardboard boxes and cartons shall be collapsed. In no case shall kitchen or food waste be deposited in common areas where domestic or wild animals may be attracted to it.

Owners and guests are encouraged to take collapsed cardboard boxes, along with glass, newspapers, plastic, and metal items to the recycle center located near the community garden on Seabrook Island. While dedicated containers are provided for corrugated cardboard, the other items may be placed in a common container, as there is no need to separate them.

Pick up of Christmas trees, wreaths and the like should be arranged with regime management.


In order to avoid costly expense, it is strongly suggested that if owners plan to be away from their unit for a protracted period, they should close the water valves to their water heaters as well as clothes washers and shut off the electricity in order to avoid burning up the unit.


External water shut-off valves are recommended for each unit to limit damage to the owner’s unit or adjacent units in the event of a water leak.