Property Management Guidelines


1) Call Barbara at First Palmetto Inc. Management Services, (843) 722-0455. First Palmetto will determine if the problem is the responsibility of BMV (i.e. a problem associated with a common element) or is the responsibility of the individual homeowner.

2) If it is determined to be BMV responsibility, First Palmetto assesses the urgency of the problem, contacts a Board approved contractor and schedules an appointment to assess the problem and get an estimate.

3) If the project is under $1,000, then the contractor is scheduled.

4) If the project is over $1,000, then the ARB is contacted for review and approval prior to scheduling.

5) First Palmetto follows up to make sure the work is done satisfactorily

Miscellaneous Maintenance

6) Cables (Comcast):
Cables protruding through the outside of the building are unsightly, damaging to the buildings and are forbidden within the by-laws. We suggest that you contact Comcast to have your cable changed so that access to your connection is through the interior of the building. In some cases, this will require an electrician. If so, contact the property manager and we will work it out.

7) Water Cutoffs:
If you don’t have an individual cut-off that you can reach easily, it is a good idea to have one installed. Your plumber should be able to do this or, if you need assistance, please contact the Property Manager who will put you in contact with someone who will install it for you at your expense. 

8) Grills:
Per Charleston County fire code, charcoal grills and any wood fueled devices as well as wood fuel itself used for various type of outside heating or cooking are strictly forbidden. Fines are substantial and will be enforced by the County Fire Department. Gas grills are allowed but please be cautious and have a fire extinguisher handy.

9) Trash:
We do not have a re-cycle trash pickup. There is a recycle drop-off located near the storage area on Seabrook Island.

10) Parking: 
Please make sure you have a Bohicket Marina Village sticker on your car. If you have guests/renters have them put a Bohicket pass on their dashboard by the windshield or at least a note to identify your unit and name. We don’t want to tow any vehicle that is legally on our property. We will, however, tow unmarked vehicles. Please contact the Property Manager if you need a BMV sticker.

Condominium Unit Owners Insurance

11) Your Board of Directors has purchased a master policy that insures the buildings and units for perils such as fire, wind and hail, theft and earthquake as well as floor insurance for the buildings. The master policy will insure your unit but will not insure your personal property (contents), loss of use/rents or your personal liability for accidents occurring inside of your unit. The master policy also will not insure any additions or alterations you have made to your unit or any additions or alterations made to your unit by prior owners.