Bohicket Marina Village – Pool Opens – Update #7

From: Chris Mathewes <>
Date: Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 11:14 AM
Subject: Fw: Bohicket Marina Village – Pool Opens – Update #7
Cc: Oliver Mathewes <>, Nancy Brown <>

Attention – Update #7 – Pool OpenAs for the BMV pool, owner Jerry McKenzie has worked with a plumber and the marina to repair and test the broken PVC water pipe that delivers water to the BMV pool. Until we can obtain and install a timer, this valve will be manually opened each morning at about 8 am and closed each evening at about 6 pm in order for the pool to be operational. The pool has been cleaned and is OPEN for use as of today, Tuesday June 29, at 12:00 noon.

Over the weekend, Beau Anderson, Marina Manager, sent a note informing me “the top barrier support board that is secured to the piling broke and will need to be repaired. I have discussed the repair with Shawn Learn, our Marina Maintenance and we have coordinated to replace the board. We will have to dig a section of the newly laid clay 3 ft back and around 3 ft deep in order to remove the old board and replace. There are also a couple of stringers on the boardwalk that have been thrown off during the construction which we will reset in place. When finished we will add more clay and back it down.”  

As of this morning (Tuesday), this section of boardwalk will require more attention and remain closed until it can be made safe.  For those walking on the boardwalk or next to it, please avoid the section between buildings 2 & 3 as there is a great deal of clay mud making it slippery and messy.

Timeline of activities:Water lines were turned off and break was cut out and both sides were capped with a 90 degree access stubbed to above gradePreviously abandoned irrigation lines were cut out and cappedUnderground power utilities are supportedBulkhead was constructed inside of BoardwalkFabric was applied to bulkheadTarps were fashioned over the inland side of the hole to prevent excessive rainfall from causing further erosionWednesday morning, two loads of clay material were delivered to the parking area between buildings 2 and 3 and placed into the hole and compacted.  The equipment and extra clay remain as they may need to come back once things have settled.Thursday, a marine contractor delivered a truck load of large rock material which was HAND placed under the boardwalk.  A second load of rock was delivered Thursday afternoon.Friday, the second load of rock was placed by hand.A trench was dug on the weekendOn Monday, the PVC pipe delivering water to the BMV pool was reconnected.The boardwalk remains closed on either end of the work area as the boards are still lifted.The Marina is also researching additional solutions to serve as a substantial extra layer of protection for this compromised section. The ongoing plans include:Thanks for your patience! I will provide updates as changes or new information is available.

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