A Note from Bohicket Marina

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A Note from Bohicket Marinaby seabrookislandblog
Tidelines learned recently that there was some concern in our community about changes at Bohicket Marina. We thought you would appreciate hearing from the new owner at Bohicket Marina directly. His letter is below.

Dear Seabrook friends and neighbors: 

Greetings from Bohicket Marina!  Our team has been hard at work throughout the spring season getting the marina in “ship-shape”, and we are looking forward to a great Memorial Day weekend on the water! As you may have heard, the marina was recently approached by a local “watersports” business who had operated in years past at Bohicket, and who were hopeful to re-engage to be a part of this “new chapter” for Bohicket that will bring new life into the marina. Prior to formalizing any agreement, our ownership recently became aware of a significant sentiment from the community that the particular operations proposed are not fully in keeping with the delicate balance the stakeholders along the waterfront have worked hard over many years to achieve.   

Thus, as new owners of Bohicket, we did not hesitate to make the decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors on this issue, and we notified the watersports business that we would not be willing or able to host their operations.  Despite being prepared to open on short notice, the business owners accepted that times have changed since they last operated in this area, and they have agreed to move on.  They were extremely professional and honorable despite their disappointment, and we do wish them the very best in all of their future endeavors.   

Seabrookers can rest easy that we will always do our best to support our neighbors! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day holiday, and we look forward to seeing you on the waterfront soon! 

Mike Shuler
Bohicket Marina & Market–
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