BMV Parking

From: Chris Mathewes 
Date: Thu, May 13, 2021 at 12:11 PM
Subject: Fw: BMV Parking
CC: Oliver Mathewes

To BMV Owner/Resident:

As most residents know, our parking spaces at Bohicket Marina Village are at a premium, especially during the summer holiday season. We want to remind all residents of the policies related to parking.  

In particular, please make sure you have a Bohicket Marina Village parking sticker on your car. If you have guests/renters, they must place a BMV pass on their dashboard by the windshield or at least a note to identify your unit and name. We don’t want to tow any vehicle that is legally on our property. We will, however, tow unmarked vehicles. Please contact Barbara at First Palmetto Inc. Management Services (843) 722-0455 if you need a BMV sticker or BMV pass.

Below are the policies related to parking on our property.  The full list of rules can be found in the BMV Community Handbook for Owners & Guests on the BMV website.


At no time shall any vehicle be parked so as to impede the normal flow of traffic and/or prevent the passage of emergency vehicles. Violators are subject to fine and/or removal of vehicle at the Board’s discretion, and at vehicle owner’s expense.

No vehicle shall remain within this gated community without current registration, tags, and plates. Any vehicle whose owner cannot be identified and/or located shall be deemed an abandoned vehicle and removed.

No vehicle of a size larger than a panel truck, and no mobile home, travel trailer, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, boat, boat trailer or the like shall be allowed to park within this gated community without the written consent of the Board. This excludes vehicles temporarily parked for the sole purpose of maintaining the common element or servicing the units of property owners.

Common element parking spaces shall be available on a first-come, first served basis, with the exception of carport parking specifically assigned to unit owners. This rule shall not be abused. Improperly parked cars will be towed.

No unit owner or tenant shall park more than three (3) vehicles on the common element without prior permission of the Board.


Consideration should be given to those who experience difficulty with mobility, allowing them access to parking spaces as near their units as possible.


Carports marked “BMV OWNERS” shall be temporarily available for any unit owners or lessees.

In no event should any material, other than firewood neatly stored in metal frames, be stored in individually designated carports. No storage of any kind is allowed in carports designated “BMV OWNERS.”


Motorcycles are prohibited within the gates of Bohicket Marina Village as well as within the gates of Seabrook Island.


Bohicket Marina Village boaters (non – owners) shall not park within this gated community unless they are a bona fide overnight guest of a unit owner.

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