Town of Seabrook Island Issues Public Advisory #19 on COVID-19

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Town of Seabrook Island Issues Public Advisory #19 on COVID-19by seabrookislandblog
June 10, 2020 — 4:00 pm
COVID-19 Data
Over the last several weeks, Governor Henry McMaster lifted many of the restrictions that were put into place earlier this year to combat the spread of COVID-19. The Governor’s “Home or Work Order” was repealed on May 4, 2020; since that time, most restaurants, businesses, amenities and attractions have been permitted to reopen across the state.

As our lives begin to resume some sense of “normalcy,” it’s easy to assume that the worst is behind us. However, recent data from the SCDHEC indicates a significant increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases across the state over the last few weeks. 

At the time the Governor’s “Home or Work Order” was repealed, the state had confirmed approximately 164 new cases per day, on average, over the preceding 7-day period. This number remained relatively flat during the two-weeks following repeal. In recent weeks, however, the number of confirmed cases has risen dramatically. As of June 9, the state had experienced an average of more than 400 new cases per day over the preceding 7 days, an increase of nearly 250%. [See Chart Below]

During a countywide conference call on Wed. June 10, representatives from SCDHEC indicated that a portion of this increase can be attributed to higher testing rates across the state. However, SCDHEC also noted an increase in community spread resulting from reduced social distancing. Dr. Katie Richardson of SCDHEC characterized this increase as “alarming” and noted that the growth rate for new cases in the state of South Carolina is currently the fourth highest in the country.

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