DATE:    FEBRUARY 12, 2019



We are having an issue with some residents not properly following our trash policy and as a result, trash has been strewn about in trash closets.  Loose trash is not only an eyesore; it smells, attracts rodents and is a public health hazard.  It is also costing BMV Owners money to pay for cleanup.

All residents must ensure all trash is sealed in a tied-off trash bag and placed in a trashcan with the cover secured.  Do not place any items in a barrel that is not in a tied trash bag, including dog poop bags, because our trash company will not remove trash that is not bagged.  Please be aware that proper disposal of trash will reduce odors, which will reduce attracting opportunistic scavengers like rats, opossums and raccoons.  Lastly, recycling is beneficial to the environment and cuts down on waste.  Please utilize the SIPOA Maintenance Facility/Recycling Center located at 2902B Seabrook Island Road.  Following these rules, make for happy neighbors!

BMV Trash Rules

All household trash shall be placed in secured heavy-duty plastic bags and deposited in containers provided by the association located under stairways and other strategic locations throughout the property. In no event shall this rule be abused by depositing any item whatsoever other than normal household trash at these locations. Cardboard boxes and cartons shall be collapsed.  In no case shall kitchen or food waste be deposited in common areas where domestic or wild animals may be attracted to it.  Owners and guests are encouraged to take collapsed cardboard boxes, along with glass, newspapers, plastic, and metal items to the recycle center located near the community garden on Seabrook Island. While dedicated containers are provided for corrugated cardboard, the other items may be placed in a common container, as there is no need to separate them.  Pick up of Christmas trees, wreaths and the like should be arranged with regime management.

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